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Best Furniture Under $100 | Reinvigorate Your Home with Amazon Exclusives

best furniture under $100

We’re in the home stretch of 2020 and we’ve spent more time in our homes than ever before! Spice up your living space with these inexpensive home furnishing that are truly amazing! The best furniture under $100.


I’m a firm believer that our home reflects our life. Happiness is contagious, so if you’ve been sitting around not digging your furniture, or feeling like you need to shake things up, then this guide is for you. Do it! Make your living space a happy place. I talked before about how I completely re-arranged my entire home over the summer, and it’s been the best thing for my life. My home makes me happy and yours should too.

Redecorating can be a daunting and expensive task, which is why I’m sharing the best furniture under $100. Many of these items I already own and all I’ve considered buying. One of the best things about the internet, and Amazon, is the plethora of affordable and stylish furniture options. You can completely redecorate a room without the cost or hassle. The quality of this furniture is great too!

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Whether you just want an updated accent chair, a new desk, or to add some flare to a room, we have you covered. Furniture that’s high quality, low cost, and high on style points. Sometimes simply changing up how you have your furniture arranged and adding a rug will transform your room. You deserve to love your space, so dive right in!

Enjoy these fresh pieces to reinvigorate your home. Where we live should be our sanctuary, and a place we welcome change. The best furniture under $100. Share with me what you get and how it’s changed you! We’ll share our favorites on social media. Remember, BuzzChomp is an Amazon affiliate. Items are listed via with all prices and sales at time of publication.


Best Furniture Under $100


Armless Accent Chair

Buy It: Armless Accent Chair ($72.99 on

Dan and I bought this exact chair for his office space and he absolutely loves it. It’s super cute, comfortable, and the vibe can fit into any room. You can also get it with a solid print, making it the perfect desk chair or accent chair in your living room. It is easily assembled too!


Accent Storage Ottoman

Buy It: Accent Storage Ottoman ($59.99 on

This is one of my favorite pieces that I’ve bought from Amazon. I have this in grey, but currently that color is not available. This ottoman was the first storage piece that we used to put all of our daughter’s toys in. She loves pulling out her toys from here and it makes clean up so easy! You can use it for anything, but I love how versatile this ottoman is.


Triple Fold Down Sofa Bed

Buy It: Triple Fold Down Sofa Bed ($89.99 on

This is a perfect piece of furniture if you live in a small space, or if you want more seating. I love that this folds down into a sofa bed, because I know I can always use a space for people to sleep when they come stay with us. This allows you to have your office as a guest room when family comes to visit!


Faux Marble Tavern Set

Buy It: Faux Marble Tavern Set ($91.99 on

This is a really amazing table set for a smaller space. It can also be added to your home if you are looking to add a bar-type feeling to your living room, dining area, or kitchen. I love bar stools!


Faux Sheepskin Fur Rug

Buy It: Faux Sheepskin Fur Rug ($36.99 on

I love accent rugs because they really tie together your room. I’m a big fan of hardwood floors, so small rugs are perfect to liven up a room. A nice faux fur rug is definitely how I like to decorate! This one feels so nice on your feet and if you can pull off a white rug and keep it clean, then this will surely brighten up your home.


48″ Computer Desk

Buy It: Computer Desk ($88.99 on

Everyone is working more from home, taking classes from home, and generally needing their own work space. We set one up for my hubby and it really makes working from home so much more enjoyable!


20.5″ Tall Natural Wood End Table

Buy It: Natural Wood Side Table ($90.00 on

I love this natural wood side table. It’s simple and extremely cute! Plus, it’s a perfect accent table for almost any room. I love tables like this because they brighten up a room with their unique style.


Metal Platform Bed Frame

Buy It: Metal Platform Bed Frame ($89.99 on

This bed frame is beautiful and simple! It’s hard to find a bed frame for under $100 that is not just a frame under the bed. This one is cute and definitely adds spice to your bedroom.


Platinum Acrylic Leg Bench

Buy It: Acrylic Leg Bench ($90.72 on

I love pieces like this that can be put up against a wall, or by your entrance way, and have multiple uses. It can just be a nice decorative piece, but then it moonlights as a seat when you have people over and need more seating space.


Dark Wood Accent Table

Buy It: Accent Table ($73.36 on

I have this table right next to my bed and I love it. The baskets are clutch and it looks really nice. Its on the larger side, which is perfect for storing things beside your bed. You can use it in your bedroom, in a living room, office, or really where ever you like.


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