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his dark materials

Serpent Queen Mary will thrust Lyra and Will into sin. So says the Authority, which means she’s going to save them! The prophecy is coming true, death has been thwarted and the final rebellion has begun. His Dark Materials season 3.


I’ve refrained from reading the final book in the series, so His Dark Materials season 3 is all new for me. Asriel and his army dare to challenge Metatron, who has usurped The Authority’s power. Dark Angels are the ultimate evil, meaning the god killer weapon is humanity’s only hope. Unless releasing the dead from purgatory overthrows the balance of power in humanity’s favor. Hopefully good will prevail.


his dark materials

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Serpent Queen Mary Malone is the key to our prophecy. She’ll guide Lyra and Will into sin, meaning she’ll save them. So says the Authority, as we know that Metatron is evil. He enacts his revenge, striking a light dagger through every world and removing dust into darkness. This shakes up everything, especially Lyra and Will in the Land of the Dead. There’s harpies living there and controlling all of the humans who have ever died because it’s a prison world. This is all about the prophecy. Mary Malone is our serpent. Lyra and Will are defeating death and we are about to feel Metatron’s wrath in reality. His Dark Materials season 3.

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When will Asriel meet The Authority and the usurper Metatron? Both are evil and all powerful, tricking humanity into making them gods. The Angels have bent the knee, so this is a battle for all life, not just humans. Get ready for a truly esoteric and wild fight.


his dark materials

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Prophecy of death is true. Lyra has defeated death and opened purgatory for our souls to escape. This is basically provoking the beast. Metatron is actually a human who defeated the Authority. This is interesting information. The final rebellion begins as darkness consumes everything. Metatron is weakened and now it’s time to strike. With the beginning of the prophecy true, we need to find out what the rest of the prophecy says. Eve’s supposed to fall down to Earth from heaven, but Lyra’s not in heaven. There’s the serpent Mary coming to save her… thrust her into sin. His Dark Materials season 3.

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His Dark Materials is an incredible book trilogy and a wonderful fantasy series. This is the final season, because the story ends with the Amber Spyglass. Is the subtle knife enough to ensure evil loses the war? The Amber Spyglass reveals dust, but dust is disappearing. Share with us your thoughts and check out our videos on episode 5 and episode 6.


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