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his dark materials

Lyra is Eve and will literally fall from heaven after escaping the Land of the Dead. At least I assume as much, since the massive Manhunt to kill her is wild. His Dark Materials season 3.


I’ve refrained from reading the final book in the series, so His Dark Materials season 3 is all new for me. Asriel and his army dare to challenge Metatron, who has usurped The Authority’s power. Dark Angels are the ultimate evil, meaning the god killer weapon is humanity’s only hope. Unless releasing the dead from purgatory is a real option. Hopefully good will prevail.


his dark materials

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Manhunt! The little girl who is Eve and will once again fall from heaven must be killed. So says the Magisterium. There’s a massive manhunt out for Lyra, Will and the subtle knife. Marisa is prisoner of Asriel and watches as he tortures an angel. Same evil Asriel. Everyone needs Lyra and Will and the subtle knife, but they’re in the Land of the Dead looking for Roger. Apparently it’s just another place where you can live, because the angels don’t let you die. Reincarnation cycle and all. Lyra and Will are going to go save him or something. We’re not quite sure. Eventually the angels and Lyra and Will must foil Asriel in their plot to destroy the Authority and save humanity. His Dark Materials season 3.

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When will we meet The Authority and the usurper Metatron? Both are evil and all powerful, tricking humanity into making them gods. The Angels have bent the knee, so this is a battle for all life, not just humans. Get ready for a truly esoteric and wild fight.


his dark materials

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Marisa is the ultimate double agent, playing spy for both the Magisterium and Asriel’s army. She’s only out for herself, aligning interests as best suits the moment. That Dust fueled bomb aimed at Lyra is wild, but the way Lyra and Will cut into the Land of the Dead is even more insane. To die is human, but to un-die is angelic. It’s like Lyra is a human spy in a world of death. The only way to escape the Land of the Dead is likely to enter heaven and fall back to earth. The prophecy of Eve comes true in His Dark Materials season 3.

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His Dark Materials is an incredible book trilogy and a wonderful fantasy series. This is the final season, because the story ends with the Amber Spyglass. Is the subtle knife enough to ensure evil loses the war? What is the Amber Spyglass? Share with us your thoughts and check out our videos on episode 3 and episode 4.


his dark materials


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