Healthy Eating Tips: Choose Your Fall Treats Wisely

Fall treats are everywhere! What’s a health conscious person to do? My healthy eating tips are just what you need to stay on track and enjoy the delicious flavors of fall.


OMG kids, fall is truly here and fall treats are everywhere! Pumpkin flavored everything has rolled out and you want to indulge. The Halloween candy is in full force. There are temptations EVERYWHERE. It’s definitely time to choose your fall treats wisely with our healthy eating tips!

My first two tips are dedicated to us coffee addicts who love the fall treats! I used to be a pumpkin spiced latte addict. Actually, I was a flavored latte addict! Any of the fall and holiday flavors tipped my fancy, and I would indulge. But they are not healthy and they’re loaded with sugar! I’ve sworn off of them, in favor of what you’ll find below. These healthy eating tips keep that addiction in check!

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Go for pumpkin spice or fall flavored coffee! I used to be a pumpkin spiced latte (PSL) addict. Did I say that already? They were my go-to fall treat! I loved them and I never thought about how sugary they are. That didn’t matter to me, but now I have wised up. If you love pumpkin spiced lattes but you don’t want to OD on the sweetness, go for pumpkin spiced coffee! Trader Joe’s has an AMAZING one. It is so delicious! If you TRULY love pumpkin spice, you will love this coffee. They even have pumpkin spice tea. This will keep your PSL addiction in check.

Try your hand at homemade lattes. Getting my own espresso maker was one of the best wedding gifts we received! My hubby and I love making homemade lattes, especially during the fall. It’s so easy to make your own pumpkin spiced latte, because pumpkin spice is easy to buy or make at home. Honestly, I love it even more than getting one out because I can sweeten it how I see fit. It also satisfies my fall treat fix, but since I can spice it myself I know I’m eating healthy and not drinking my way into unhealthy habits!


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Choose your pre-packaged splurges! Remember those gross, and I mean gross, candy corn flavored Oreo cookies? A friend purchased them last year and brought them to an outdoor movie. She then tried to pawn them off on us! No way. They were absolutely gross. My hubby loves candy corn (even though he hardly indulges now) and even he didn’t like these bad boys. That’s definitely a fail when it comes to fall treats! SKIP them!

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Indulge in pumpkin ice cream! Ice cream is my one indulgence. It’s the one dessert that I give myself and I can still have ice cream and eat healthy! I don’t go overboard on it. Pumpkin ice cream is a must! It’s a fall treat that I choose wisely. They only have it at this time of year and it is so worth it. It’s always on my must list to get once the season starts!

The ultimate of all your healthy eating tips is to simply eat your favorite treats in moderation. If you love Halloween candy, don’t eat it until Halloween and savor that bag of candy. I used to go and buy a big bag the day after Halloween, when they put it all on sale. No more. We live in a society where everything is readily available, but we don’t have to always indulge. That’s why I say choose your fall treats wisely!

You can still indulge with our healthy eating tips! It’s a mindful indulgence and it will help you stay healthy through all of the holidays.


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