Healthy Eating: Dedicate Yourself Now!

I love healthy eating, but once October rolls around and the holidays start to ramp up, it can be hard to eat healthy! Time to dedicate yourself now to healthy eating.


Let’s face it, Halloween candy has already been out for a couple of weeks now. It’s tempting you, but once you give it, the rest of the year is a craps shoot for your eating. If you can dedicate yourself now to not going overboard, it will really set the tone for the rest of year. Make healthy eating your priority!

An awesome way to do this is to cut back on your sugar over the next few weeks! It’s no secret that we all eat way too much sugar. A few years ago I documented my whole “no sugar added” journey, and since then I’ve kept myself in the low-sugar game. I definitely have my moments when I indulge more in sugar, and it always happens from October through the end of the year.

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It’s easy to adjust what you’re already eating to decrease your sugar intake. Trust me when I say, once you decrease your sugar intake on a daily basis, it’s much easier to just have a little sugary treat here and there. A good way to do this is by assessing what you eat on a daily basis.

Get rid of your flavored drinks. Then get rid of your flavored yogurts. I used to love flavored yogurt, but they’re loaded with sugar kids! For a long time I went with the low-sugar, aka fake sugar, variety of yogurt. Those are even worse! It’s funny how they sell those yogurt singles with fruit and granola that you mix in. It’s so much healthier and cheaper to buy a large container of plain yogurt and mix in your own fruit to sweeten it up! Once you start doing that, you’re never going to want to eat those sugar yogurts. Yogurt has a natural sweetness already from the sugar in milk kids!


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Cut out your processed snacks. Many flavored chips have sugar added to them. I used to love BBQ chips, but hello sugar. BBQ sauce has sugar in it, so of course the chips do. I know that for a long time I never even thought about it. Processed snacks bring us down kids, but the funny thing is, if you just don’t buy them, you really don’t miss them!

Eat more veggies! I love vegetables and I find it so funny when people say they don’t like veggies. So many veggies are naturally sweet. Carrots are delicious and sweet. Hello sweet potatoes. Carrots and sweet potatoes go so well together. If you can load up on veggies for your meals, you’re going to crave eating healthy. It will also be okay to indulge in a sweet treat here and there, if you’ve been loading up on your healthy foods.

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There really is no reason why you can’t start eating healthy. These next few weeks are critical, so dedicate yourself to a new habit of healthy. You just have to dedicate yourself now! We often give ourselves a pass during this time of year, which is so silly. You don’t have to eat a whole bag of Halloween candy on your own, and you don’t need to even buy any right now. Hold out until it’s closer to the holiday! Wasn’t that the best part about Halloween when you were younger, that you waited so long for that delicious candy?

Dedicate yourself now to healthy eating! It’s easier than you think. Implementing this in September will make it easier for you to continue to eat healthy as the craziness of the holidays come upon us!



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