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Grace-Less Web Series Review, up on WhoHaha comedy, is a must to check out! It’s part of our BuzzChomp TV video series. A funny and interesting Web Series. A must watch!


Grace-less is a short comedy web series written by Lena Buda and Dorrie Lipman, and its kind of awesome! You can find the first two episodes up on Elizabeth’s Banks WhoHaHa comedy website. Plus, they have five more episodes being edited in the hopes that they will soon be live on WhoHaHa too.

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Each episode of Grace-less web series has a running time of a little over five minutes and they do an exceptional job of packing it full of comedy! The characters are well explored and the conflict is set up within the first minute, which makes the show a lot of fun to watch. The storyline is topical, diving into the good and bad side of our social media obsessed world, as well as a little weird. Nip slip anyone?

Mandi and Dan love TV!

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I love how Lena had an accidental nip slip on her friends Youtube channel, which leads the channel to be taken down. Now Lena must win back her friendship and salvage what’s left of her dignity. It’s super quirky and relatable. Lena does not purposely set out to ruin her friends Youtube channel, yet she does, and her friend has every right to be upset! I’m rooting for Lena to make it right and navigate her new-found internet success. I definitely can’t wait to see where the story goes!

Want our full review? Check out the video and make sure you head over to WhoHaHa to watch the first two episodes! Let us know how you like the show and what your favorite moment is out of the first two episodes! Then share it so they can make more.




Grace-Less Web Series Photo Credits: Lena Buda and Dorrie Lipman

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