Game of Thrones: Power plays in ‘High Sparrow’


It’s Fangirl Friday and Game of Thrones most recent episode all about Power plays in ‘High Sparrow.’

As the Lannisters are LOSING power the Starks are gaining power. Margaery is the new Queen of Westeros and Cersei is not ready to concede that power kids. She’s doing EVERYTHING that she possibly can to keep hold of that power. Too bad it’s not going to work Cersei and it’s time to get yours!

Arya, Sansa, and Jon Snow are all grabbing hold of their own power! Is this the beginning of a comeback for our beloved Starks or just a tease? Time will tell kids. I hope it’s a comeback. Let’s hear it for Sansa coming into her own! I hope she knows how to play this game and takes vengeance on the Boltons!

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Happy Fangirl Friday. Game of Thrones are you teasing us with the Starks regaining some power? I hope not! Can’t wait for Sunday’s episode!

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