Game of Thrones – Kills The Boy with fire


It’s Fangirl Friday Game of Thrones Edition. Kills The Boy with fire.

We’re halfway through Season 5! I’m super psyched we FINALLY actually got to see more of Tyrion, and boy was it good! Tyrion and Jorah against the men with greyscale. Definitely a creepy and tragic scene!

This episode cemented our love for Stannis, but I am nervous for him and fear the worst. I also need Bruce and Ramsey Bolton to get some “what goes around comes around” action. Ramsey is THE WORST.

I keep just falling more and more in love with Jon Snow. He’s a man, not a boy kids. I don’t think the Wall is the right place for him, and I’m hoping that there is not a lot of suffering for him to come. I just want him to leave the wall and be a real Lord!

Game of Thrones has really gotten into a good groove this season, but I still feel like we’re being teased and only getting to see a portion of each character’s story. How about HBO makes it 20 episodes instead of 10?

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Happy Fangirl Friday. Game of Thrones you tease us so!!

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