Pretty Little Liars: A Theories “Andrew is Charles” unraveled


It’s Fangirl Friday and we’re back with Pretty Little Liars edition. A Theories “Andrew is Charles” unraveled.

Okay kids! Pretty Little Liars season 6 is back in June and supposedly it will be the summer of answers! It better be! Before that I still have a few A Theories. My first one has to do with Andrew Campbell. Since no one has said that Jason and Charles are identical twins Charles could be Andrew. Andrew has popped up in compromising positions and he’s been a creeper! I also think Andrew looks too old to be in High School so it would make sense if he’s really Jason’s age.

If Andrew is not Charles then Charles must have been sent to the Campbell’s to live with them and formed a brother bond with Andrew. Why else would Andrew be creeping around? Why else would Charles have access to the Campbell farm?

Andrew and Charles HAVE to be linked either as the same person or as “brothers.” Come back next week for another May A Theory.

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Happy Fangirl Friday and Pretty Little Liars May A Theories! Is Andrew Charles or is he just helping Charles?

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1 Comment

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