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A fitness tutorial for plank? Yes, because its amazing. All six variations work different muscles, but no matter which one you choose, hold it for a killer workout.


Plank is one of the best exercises out there, and in our fitness tutorial we break down all six variations of this amazing activity. Simply holding plank, no matter the type, will work nearly your entire body. Abs, arms, legs, shoulders, and mental toughness are all part of doing plank. This exercise has it all!

Now that you’ve mastered the exercise, you’re probably looking for some great circuits that include plank. Check out our other videos under “Health and Fitness.” We love plank and have a review of a 30 day Plank challenge that builds you up to five minutes! Work it baby.

We Love this Great At Home Treadmill! Go For It

Here are the six varieties of plank in our fitness tutorial: Traditional Plank or Upper Push-up, Forearm Plank, Right side Plank, Left side Plank, Right side Forearm Plank, and Left side Forearm Plank.

What is your favorite type of plank? Do you have questions about our fitness tutorial, or good circuits that include this exercise? Hit us up in the comments! We can recommend a video with just the right amount of plank for you.

We love Fitness and Health!

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Go out there and dominate with our fitness tutorial.
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