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I work out every day and love it. It’s my thing, and six out of those seven days I’m running. I don’t feel like myself if I haven’t gotten a good sweat in, and I always crave a work out. Exercising every day feels amazing, but sometimes I know I need a rest. It’s the best fitness tip out there, and a lesson we all need to learn. It’s great to take a break!

Ever since I first started exercising outside of sports, I used a trick to get myself to work out; I would guilt myself. I’m proud to have broken this need, but we all need to do what works best, and for me a little guilt went a long way. At first my reason was because my parents paid for a gym membership, and I didn’t want to waste their money. Then I wised up, guilting myself out of bed to exercise, knowing I had a long day of work ahead. Even though I now crave the exercise, I still guilt myself if I don’t work out. But you know what’s crazy? My reasons range from being sore to being tired. It’s my body telling me I need a break! So I’ve learned to listen.


Rest Day

Listen to your body, and take this fitness tip to heart. Its okay to rest; your body needs days off. Recently I worked on a movie where I was doing a lot of long hours, early mornings, late nights, and heavy lifting. Plus, I was walking constantly! My plan was to work out as much as I possibly could and fend off the pitfalls of being on set. Working on a movie means craft service, free food, not eating meals at home, and tons of temptation. I was getting a good sweat in each day, lifting and walking around, but I was forced to take a break from working out.

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Not working out plagued me. It was that guilt kids! I was physically doing work, but I missed my daily run. I felt like I needed it, but what I really needed was to relax and break. I was walking up and down hills, over six miles daily. As I worked more days and had less time, I realized this was the break I needed.

I don’t take breaks from exercise, but went four full days without running. That’s long for me, and the funny part was I was still sore when I went for that first run. But I felt mentally refreshed! I didn’t feel guilty that I’d taken those days off, and I feel even better now having taken a break.


Rest Day.

Since taking a break, I’ve been running different routes, looking for different ways to extend my runs, and having more fun with my work outs. I also don’t feel like I took time off. I didn’t set myself back, but instead made it easier for my body to keep going. That’s what makes this such a great tip. It’s something we all need to remember, and it’s the best fitness lesson I’ve learned. Taking a break can be a good thing, especially when it would be a detriment to your health to continue to work out.

Be honest with yourself and make sure you learn this fitness lesson the easy way! Know when it’s a good time to take a break. I can’t stress how great I feel now by not running myself into the ground and burning the candle down. Write this fitness tip down; take a break when your body needs one. Then go harder tomorrow.

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