Fitness Success: Burn One Pound First | BuzzChomp Motivation Vlog

All about the fitness success! Burn one pound first. Our buzzchomp motivation vlog.

There are so many fad diets out there. They claim you can burn ten pounds in a week. While that would be awesome it can be hard to keep that up. Start by focusing on just one pound.

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A pound a week is truly a great goal. This will lead you to realistic weight goals. If you have twenty pounds to lose it will take you a few months but you’ll keep those pounds off.

By focusing on just a pound a week you’re creating a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle leads to fitness success. It consists of your diet as well as exercise. If you have a lot of weight to lose it also won’t be jarring for your system. If you haven’t ate healthy in the past you can definitely crave bad food. It will take a bit of implementing a new diet as well as your fitness routine to hinder those cravings.

Focus on one pound first kids. It sets a great foundation for your fitness success!

Because that’s what Motivational Monday is all about starting your week off strong.
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Happy Motivational Monday! Start your week off strong! Fitness Motivation!
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