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Fitness Motivation: Never Skip Monday. This is our Buzzchomp fit vlog.


Those are words to live by! Never Skip a Monday! That is my favorite fitness motivation. I always have an amazing week when I get out of bed Monday morning and run. If I do a long run even better. It’s truly the best advice I can give to someone starting on their fitness journey.

What is it about Never Skip Monday? Most of us measure our fitness Monday through Friday in the beginning. I definitely did and I thought it would be weird to workout on the weekends. Little did I know just how amazing it is to add weekend workouts in! Sometimes those weekend workouts led me to question my Monday workouts but I soon learned just how amazing my Monday is when I never skip Monday regardless of what happened over the weekend.

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I keep coming back to this fitness motivation. It’s definitely one to continue to remind yourself of especially since it’s so simple. Never Skip Monday. That’s it. Nothing fancy. Nothing special. Just a motto to live by!

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Happy Motivational Monday! Start your week off strong! Fitness Motivation!
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