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Another Monday and that means its time for Fitness Motivation. Get things done and stop talking about it kids. It’s our BuzzChomp daily vlog!


Not only is this great fitness motivation, but it applies to all aspects of life. Don’t talk about getting things done, go and get them done! If you constantly talk about how you want to get in shape, then that is all you’re going to do. You’ll just talk. Switch it up kids! Get things done and stop talking about it.

Remind yourself of this daily. I love it when I run into someone I haven’t seen in a long time and they got fit! I love it even more if I never heard them once talk about it. They just did it and they didn’t talk about it. Let’s all get things done, instead of talking.

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This can be hard, because we all love to talk. I know I do! When someone asks you how you are doing or what’s new, you want to share what you’re focusing on. Sometimes though that can become your story. It’s what you’re always talking about. Well quit it kids!

I know I’ve had to remind myself of this in the past. When I truly take my own fitness motivation to heart, that’s when I see real results. I had to slightly adjust my mindset. One morning I woke up and I no longer wanted to say that I wanted to be fit. Instead I trusted myself that I am fit!

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I didn’t talk about it to others. I just went out there and did it! It’s truly the best fitness motivation that I can give! Get things done, don’t talk. Live by this and you’ll have incredible success. You’ll always be doing what you want, instead of telling others how you have great goals. Start on Monday, then carry it forward!



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Happy Motivational Monday! Start your week off strong! Fitness Motivation!
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