Fitness Motivation for the Holiday Season!

Be honest, your workout regimen is the first thing to go during the holidays. Intentional or not, our fitness often slips. It’s what I always dreaded about this time of year. Lots of parties, lots of late nights, extra food and drink, and often it’s hard to get up early and workout, or go to the gym after work. But let that be the past. This holiday season stay the course with some amazing fitness motivation courtesy of yours truly. I’ll keep you working out and motivated, jumpstarting your fitness into the New Year.

Push yourself kids. Now is the perfect time to go harder and do more. While everyone else is slowing down this holiday season, you’ll be full of energy and excitement. You’ll be pushing that extra little bit. Add some extra time to your workouts; five minutes makes a big difference. If you normally run for 30 minutes, then keep going for 35 minutes instead. Better yet, if you’re like me and enjoy running outside, switch up your running route. A different path does wonders for your workout. When you come back inside add on a 5-10 minute circuit to your morning routine. Talk about a game changer! Twenty seconds of jumping jacks, twenty seconds of high knees, and twenty seconds of mountain climbers makes an excellent circuit. Set your interval timer for three sets of 20 seconds and start by doing five rounds. Then work your way up to ten. You’ll love it!


Don’t forget, it’s still a great time to get outside. Embrace the new season and get outdoors for some exercise. The Holidays are such a social time, but this year don’t hole yourself up in the house. Take your family and friends outside! If you’re in a mild climate, you can totally go hiking and play tennis or basketball. Even if it’s colder, who cares, get outdoors and have some fun. I used to be super averse to doing anything physical outside during the chill of the holidays. But last year I decided that if it wasn’t raining or snowing, I was heading out of the house. It was amazing! So this year I plan to go hiking during the holiday season. Grab your family and join me for a hike, run, or long walk. Its instant motivation!

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If you thrive with a schedule, or need to learn, then start a 30 day fitness challenge. Hold yourself accountable and add this extra element into your workouts over the holidays. You’ll always be exercising this way, and if the challenge times out nicely you’ll even have a short workout to do on Christmas morning. I personally love fitness challenges, and have already picked out my next one! With so many to choose from, you can find one you’ll love too. I got hooked and now do one every month. Let me know in the comments what challenge hooks you!


The holidays are a great time to try a new workout class. Most places won’t be that crowded this time of year, making it easy to hop in as a beginner. If you’ve always wanted to try that Cardio Barre class, but you’re intimidated by the size and skill level of others, then go during the holidays! It won’t be busy and you can get your bearings and learn before its bustling in the New Year. Even if you’re a pro, go try something new, or add in a second class each week. Mix it up and stay motivated!

Opening yourself up to exercise during the holiday season is wonderful! Stay motivated and focused. You’ll kick start your fitness goals for 2016 and won’t feel guilty about indulging. Plus, it will keep you stress free kids! Stay motivated this holiday season.



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