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It’s week 7 of our Fit Mom Fitness Challenge kids! Get ready for this Upper Body Workout. It’s part of our BuzzChomp vlog series.


This week mixes our arms and shoulders week! I loved both of those week but they were/are intense. The upper body workout week is no different kids! These four exercises compliment one another and by Friday will give you a killer workout.


We get to do dips, push ups, commander planks, and bear crawls. Yes you read that right I said bear crawls. This is my first experience with bear crawls and they are intense! When I first decided to add them into this challenge I got in my head about them. They’re fun and intense so just enjoy them!

Make sure that you enjoy Monday through Thursday of this week because Friday will kick your bum! That Friday circuit is a perfect workout to add into your fitness routine once you’re fitness with this challenge!

We’re in the home stretch of this challenge. If you’ve made it this far pat yourself on the back and keep pushing through to the end!

Let us know how you’ve enjoyed the challenge! There are more Fit Mom Fitness challenges to come!

My Fit Mom Journey Continues!

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