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My BMW i3 is great! It’s been one year of EV driving and the experience has been amazing. Our BuzzChomp tech series.


I love my BMW i3 and it’s definitely a different experience driving it over a regular old gas guzzler. Everyone should own one EV. It has completely changed the way I drive for the better, as well as my driving experience. Being in Los Angeles, you sit in a lot of traffic and I sit in my BMW i3, but I’m not using any gas at all!

When I first got my BMW i3, I was nervous about charging it. I don’t have a spot to charge in my apartment building. I felt like I always had to rush to charge it, but I was wrong! The charge of my BMW i3 lasts much longer and if it completely dies, which has only happened to me a few times, the range extender kicks on!

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One thing I was nervous about when I first got my BWM i3 was the AC. It’s no secret that it gets hot in Los Angeles. I thought I would have to charge it so much more. Again I was wrong! The AC works great and it doesn’t wear down the charge that much at all. It was a hot summer and I freely used my AC.

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After one year of EV driving I love it. I will always have an EV car. My one gripe with the BMW i3 is that the back seat is a little small, but I do have a car seat in there. It’s perfect for the three of us driving around.

The BMW i3 is great! After one year of EV driving I know I will always drive one. I highly recommend it for everyone, especially if you own a home. It’s more efficient and has made me a better driver!



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BMW i3 Photo Credits: BMW.com

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1 Comment

  1. mk

    December 21, 2017 at 10:44 am

    This is great! Real life EV stories with drivers who share how easy, fun and cheap it is to drive electric help educate people about them. Please send to stories@pluginamerica.org

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