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It’s time for Fit Mom fall focus! It’s all about family fitness. The best thing we can do is band together wit our family during this time of year!

Prior to having this baby my husband and I tried to go on one intense hike a month. We loved it! That’s is my priority for my fit mom fall focus! It truly is family fitness. This something that my husband and I implemented prior to having a baby. Anytime our schedules aligned we’d go run, go to yoga, or go hiking.


We all know I have running covered but hiking and yoga are my main priority for my fall focus. My man and I both want to get back into regular hikes. We know that as the baby grows it will be easier to keep her attention and get her to hike longer. Right now though we can get a good hour and half hike in with her.

Yoga has a been a bit of a challenge for me. I’m enlisting Maddi to do yoga with me! At least I’m working on getting her to enjoy watching me. I had a recent success with her letting me complete a thirty minute class! I just have to keep my consistency up and I know the more I do it with her the more she’ll grow to enjoy it!

It’s the perfect time for fit mom fall focus kids and make it about family fitness. Band together now and you’ll keep enjoying fitness with each other through the holiday season and new year!

My Fit Mom Journey Continues!

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