February Running Check In! My Running Diary

No matter where you live, February feels like the hardest month to run. It’s often cold and that makes it hard for me to drag myself out of bed. I didn’t let that stop me! It’s time for my February running check in!


Diary of a Running Chick: February 26th, 2018

This year I’m all about milestones, but if I had to specify one running goal for my year, it’d be to stretch my runs longer. I’ve talked endlessly about this. For February I truly embraced this goal by making sure that one day a week I ran longer! I’m proud to say I did this every week of February. Most of the time I did this on my Saturday run, because it felt easier to go longer on the weekend. That was just one accomplishment I had this month. It’s my February running check in!

Accomplishing milestones and goals are easier with a partner. Did you run with a partner in February? I certainly did. My husband, Dan, has been clutch in implementing longer runs with me. Normally on Friday I’d say to him, let’s run longer tomorrow. He would say okay and no matter how we each felt the next day, he pushed us to do our longer run. That has been great for me! It’s also made me look forward to our Saturday morning runs. What can you do to make your goals fun?

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On my longer runs I’ve noticed that Dan and I run in pace with one another. Most of the week I run by myself with Maddi. It can definitely be hard to push the stroller, but when I run with Dan he pushes the stroller. I sometimes find myself taking those days easier. Dan ends up running ahead and waiting for me at certain check points. I was able to change that dynamic this month. On our longer runs we have embraced chatting. We’ve gone over things that we’ve wanted to film, auditions, and just daily chit-chat. He does not let me slow down and I love that!


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This February running check in has also shown me my strength. I actually got out for a run by myself this month and I can’t remember the last time I’ve run alone. It was just a quick four mile run and I ran it 10 minutes faster than I had a few days earlier. I definitely feel it more in my body when I’m running with a stroller, as opposed to running by myself. That is good and bad for me. It allows me to settle into a pace, which tends to be slower with my baby. This is an attitude I’m working to adjust, because it’s really just an excuse.

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One of those most important things I’m accessing on this month’s running check in is how often I overcame the elements and ran. I got out there and ran a ton! My baby has not been sleeping well these past few weeks and there were a few days when I really wanted to just say screw you running, but I knew I’d regret that. I didn’t give in to my tiredness and I didn’t give in to the difficulties of being a mom. I let that go and I got out there and ran. This made me much more productive all day long than if I would have snuggled in bed. Mission accomplished!

I truly love to run. It rights my thoughts and my body. To be successful at running, I find that you need to have monthly check ins. How did your February go? Share your February running check in with me below!


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