Fantasy Football is incredibly popular, but why?

fantasy football

If you’re with four people, then one of them loves fantasy football. The game is incredibly popular, but why?

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While people across the world enjoy fantasy sports, it is those of us in North America who are truly popularizing it. We love to play and love fantasy football in particular. Nearly one in four Americans are fantasy players, with about one in five Canadians joining in on the fun as well. Take a look at this infographic for a taste of just how popular the games have gotten.

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When it comes to fantasy football, its popularity dates back farther than any of us even realize. The first rules were created in the 1960’s, and its been gaining new fans ever since. As more and more people joined the party, fantasy football transformed from a hobby into one of the most lucrative industries in the world. So why exactly is it so popular?


It’s All About the Draft

For many fans, drafting new players is more exciting than the season itself. If you’re passionate about football, then you must avoid a situation where you wish you’d compiled a different roster. Drafting has become an art form, with numerous websites dedicated to pre-draft rankings, mock drafts, and extensive planning for draft day. Creating the best fantasy team possible is everyone’s goal, but so few ever accomplish the feat.

Fantasy Fans Love the Challenge

Apart from just watching sports, a lot of fans like to get in on the action and bet on their favorite teams. While this does require minimal skill and knowledge, the results are mostly based on luck. Fantasy sports also involve luck, but they are a true challenge of skill as well. This is why playing and betting on them is so much more fun and popular! Winners are determined in a myriad of ways, from the cumulative scores of individual players on your team to the ability to hit that waiver wire before your competitors. To come out on top, you need to know the game inside and out and embrace the challenge.

Easy to Play, Hard to Win

Due to the nature of a football season, you can easily enjoy the games while also having enough time for everything else in your life. For that reason, whether it’s money or your free time, fantasy football caters to your preferences. You choose how much of your time and cash you want to invest, making it easy to play and hard to win. That is the definition of popularity.

Daily sports require a daily time commitment for fantasy, but football is a weekly game with an easy learning curve. This, along with the challenges and excitement of crushing your friends, is why so many sports fans love fantasy football. The only question is, how well can you create your team?



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