Extreme Fitness Tips: Always Workout on Empty Stomach

Everyone wants to maximize the results of exercise, but most are hesitant to push themselves. Let it be easy and always workout on an empty stomach. Extreme Fitness Tips!


Working out is not so simple. You have to decide the best time to exercise, the type of workout that you should do, what clothes to wear, and the list goes on. There are those who would ask themselves if it would be better to just go on a diet instead of working out. Stop right there! You can and should do both, because working out on an empty stomach is ideal. Call it Extreme Fitness Tips, because you maximize the results.

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The main premise here is that working on an empty stomach helps you burn fat faster. That means working out first thing in the morning, or right before meals. It is recommended that a person have his or her morning cardio session before eating breakfast. This way, the body will be able to burn more fats. To help you better understand this theory, we’ve compiled the advantages of working out on an empty stomach.


Burn More Fat and Calories

A recent study was able to prove that fasting the night before your workout and exercising before you eat your breakfast increases the amount of fats you are able to shed. Specifically, the people who took part in this study were able to lose up to 20 percent more body fat. The good news is that those people who waited to eat their breakfast did not resort to overeating after exercising. This is contrary to popular belief. The truth is that you always need to eat the calories your body needs, no matter when you have your meal.

Improve Insulin Sensitivity

One of the truths about insulin is that when it starts to build up in the body, it becomes a cause of chronic illness. Whenever we eat, the body releases insulin to enable the absorption of nutrients coming from what we are consuming. However, people who eat a lot of carbohydrates and sugar are becoming more resistant to insulin. As a result, insulin will not be able to do its job. This is why people are encouraged to try fasting. Doing so helps balance insulin sensitivity. As you fast during the night and exercise in the morning before eating breakfast, you are increasing your insulin sensitivity.

Time-restricted Eating Helps Weight Loss

Choose the perfect times during the day for your meals and save 12-16 hours for fasting. With this, you will be able to eat whatever you want and not suffer the stress of craving a certain food. However, it is recommended that you eat healthy foods during your meals. Doing both is perfect for people who want to lose weight. When the body is accustomed to time-restricting eating, it will adjust and allow greater weight loss during the fasting times. To make it more effective, exercise when your stomach is empty. You can also buy phentermine online to help you with weight loss.

Improve Performance

You will have better performance when exercising on an empty stomach. This has been proven by trained athletes and people who are trying to lose weight and balance their diet. Having an empty stomach ensures your body can devote maximum energy to exercise, rather than breaking down the food in your belly. Working out when your carbohydrates are low helps your body be more active and lose more weight. The body is primed and it can perform better as compared to your normal state.

Inspired Exercise

Did you know that it is more inspiring to exercise when your stomach is empty? This is because of the status of your body. You feel more energetic as compared to how you feel when you just had your meal. As you see yourself moving forward and becoming more successful with what you are doing, you also become more and more excited to exercise.

Boost Metabolism

For people who are trying to lose weight, working out on an empty stomach is even more beneficial because it helps boost your metabolism. It enables the body to lose weight. This is also called fasted cardio and has been proven to help you burn more fats. With this strategy, the body is using up more carbohydrates and sugars. Your exercise is then becoming more effective in burning higher percentages of fat. The body’s excess blood sugar will be used for your workout and you will certainly have more energy. If you are trying to lose weight, you need to understand that your metabolism is one of the key determining factors of how much fats and calories you burn, and how much food your body actually needs.

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Don’t let your Extreme Fitness Tips end here. There are many different exercises you can do before you eat your breakfast, or on an empty stomach. Instead of sitting down after waking up, consider gearing up for a morning walk, run or jog. This way, you will be able to start your day productively. Beginning with some cardio has a ton of advantages, but seeing is believing.

Many people who begin their day with exercise have better focus at work. They are more productive throughout the day and have more energy. They want to eat breakfast afterwards, which helps balance their diet throughout the day.


We call these Extreme Fitness Tips, but once you embrace them in your life, they feel like simple truths. Exercise is important, just like having breakfast. Working out on an empty stomach is ideal, so make your life easy. Wake up and workout, then eat your first meal. It will change your life for the better!


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