Running Diary: Embrace the Walk When Life’s Unexpected

My baby girl came eight days early! It was a bit unexpected, as even while I write this I thought I’d still be pregnant and still running! Life is unexpected and now it’s time to embrace the walk! My running diary.


Diary of a Running Chick: April 3rd, 2017

I was successful with my pregnancy goal. I ran right up until the day I delivered! Woo! Success! I know right now I can’t run. I definitely want to, but I’m still recovering. I’ve been dying to get outside though. For now I’ve decided that I just need to embrace the walk and do whatever I can. Life is unexpected and this week’s running diary is about letting go and embracing that change.

I got out of the hospital last Thursday and the plan was to go for a walk on Friday, but we got a bit sidetracked with having a new baby. So on the agenda for Saturday was a walk. We strapped our baby into her stroller and got on the move! It was a beautiful day here in Los Angeles and it was just wonderful getting my legs moving. What a difference a few days make. I had been running 4.5 miles and my two mile walk was definitely freeing and my legs felt it!

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Sunday morning I wanted nothing more than to get back outside! My man and I got ourselves up and out with our baby girl. The weather again was great in Los Angeles. There were tons of people walking, biking, and running. I totally craved going for a run and I could feel my legs wanting to go, but I know I still need to wait. We went on an over 3.5 mile walk instead and it was just great! The three of us had such a good time. Okay, Maddi basically slept through the whole walk, but it was so nice to be outside and get our legs moving.


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When we got back from our walk, I was surprised at how much my legs were feeling the walk much more than the day before. They were sore, as if I had run but I had not. I loved that. I’m sure it’s because of everything that my body had been through!

I know I need to wait longer to get back out there and run, but until then I’m going to continue to walk and get outside. It will make the transition back to running even better, but it will also keep my body active. While walking does not compare with running, I have to remind myself what my body has been through and that it takes time to adjust. My body will recuperate and I’ll be back to running before I know it!

No matter what is going on in your life, walking truly is a great way of getting back into running. Regardless of what life throws your way, you really need to embrace where you are at with running. While I know I can technically go out and run, I know that it wouldn’t be the right move for me this early after giving birth. Do what’s right for you!


For now I’ll keep to walking and I’m lucky that I can bring my little girl with me. She’ll start with walking too and we’ll work her up to running with me! This was my running diary.


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