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Elliptical Trainer Enables Daily Exercise: Get Motivated

Everyone strives for daily exercise, but our bodies get sore and tired. Using an elliptical trainer changed everything for me. Its easy or hard if you want it, and the perfect solution to conquering the exercise hill.


I love to run and workout, but that wasn’t always the case. I enjoyed weight lifting in my younger days, but much prefer strength circuits and power yoga now. As we change, so do our bodies and exercise preferences. But one thing that has always stuck with me is my elliptical trainer. No matter how I’m feeling, this simple machine always quenches my thirst to sweat and workout.

The elliptical is the only piece of exercise equipment I can think of that relaxes and releases muscle tension, removing stress on the body as you exercise. You can push as fast and hard as you want, upping the intensity with hills, or remove all resistance and just let your body flow and sweat. Doing the elliptical for 30 minutes is a great workout. Most gyms have a variety of these machines, but keep things simple. A six month gym membership at $50 a month costs you $300, but you can get an elliptical trainer for less than that for your home. Xterra Fitness makes a great economy priced machine. Or go all out and get one from Life Fitness. They’re my favorite trainer and the ones I’ve found at most gyms.

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Many people get on the elliptical for their first time and feel extremely awkward and uncomfortable. They don’t know how to do it and are easily frustrated. That’s okay! I’ve trained many men and women on how to use the machine and truly enjoy it. First and most important is your mindset. The main issue people face is thinking the elliptical is like an easy treadmill. Wrong. Its nothing like running or using a treadmill. The motion on a trainer is unique, fluid, and very smooth. You keep your feet planted and simply flow. Most people get into trouble when they try to lift their feet a la running. What makes the elliptical so good for your joints is the lack of pounding. You keep your feet planted.


When your legs are sore or your body is tired, climbing on the elliptical can be a freeing experience. Its smooth and easy motion lets you get into a groove and mentally drift off into your music or thoughts. Thirty minutes will fly by and your body will feel energized but supported. A trainer is great for recovering from injury as well. Most running injuries come from the pounding of a run. There is none of that on an elliptical and it will help you relax a problem area as you exercise. Rest days are sometimes necessary, but a daily exercise habit is easily formed using this machine.

Because it compliments your body and how you feel, the elliptical is there for you everyday. I recommended two classes of trainers, but there are also a ton of compact machines for under $100 that allow you to both stand or sit and get moving. Stamina In-Motion has a highly reviewed machine, which operates like an elliptical while standing and like a bike while sitting. I have not personally used one of these more compact versions, but the sheer number of positive reviews makes me believe they are an excellent at home workout solution.


The key to keeping your daily workout routine is forming a habit, but you can only do this if you enjoy what you’re doing and feel really good afterwards. Using an elliptical multiple times a week provides a low impact exercise that you’ll always feel great about. Below are the three machines I mentioned above.

Life Fitness Trainer
Xterra Fitness Trainer
Stamina In-Motion Trainer

If you have any questions about the machines or training programs drop them into the Comments below. All of these machines are available on Amazon and most offer Prime shipping. That means you can get your workout on in just two days time!


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