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I don’t diet! I just eat toward my goals. This is our fitness motivation.


They are words to live by. Diets are a scam kids. Once you accept that it makes it so much easier to control your body. Sure it’s great to use a diet to get to a goal and then learn how to manage that goal within your lifestyle.

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The above is definitely what I did. I had a goal and I decided to use a fad type diet to get to that goal and then learn to live within it. Really what that means is we all need to live in moderation. That right there is why I don’t diet! I just eat toward my goals.

A few years ago I decided to cut out all added sugar. I did a whole vlog series. Check it out here. I knew that I couldn’t completely live my entire life like this but I can live it in moderation. I can decide when I want to indulge and even if I have a period of more indulgent like say around the Holidays. It by no means is anywhere near like I had done in the past.

Eating toward my goals allows me to roll with my fitness. What this means is that sometimes I work out much harder and sometimes due to life my fitness is not as intense. Honestly the eb and flow works really well! It why I don’t diet. I just eat toward my goals kids!

Our Monday fitness motivation! It doesn’t need to be complicated.

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Happy Motivational Monday! Start your week off strong! Fitness Motivation!
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