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Dear Mattie Podcast: Ep24 Listener Questions on Love and Hollywood


The Dear Mattie Show Podcast is throwing it back to Valentine’s Day and your listener questions about love, sex, and Hollywood. Nothing is off-limits. Enjoy!

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Dear Mattie Show episode 24: Listener Questions

Well, you’ve been asking, so I thought I might start answering. This show is for all you listeners who have perfect lives and need no advice, but keep asking me about mine!


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[This episode originally aired on Valentine’s Day, a sad day for Mattie this particular year.]

Well, its Valentine’s Day weekend… so of course I got stood up. That’s okay. Not really.

Instead of letting the week pass you by without hearing from me, I decided to answer some of your nosy-ass questions. Love, sex, whatever is on your mind. Just keep the cuss words to a minimum.

I know you’ll find this entertaining, but next week we will be back to the old format, sugars, so don’t you unsubscribe because you think I’m boring!!!



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