Create Your Running Stride For Optimal Success

A running stride has two connotations. Its your literal stride when you run, but also the groove you get into when you’ve been consistently running! You can create both for optimal success.


Diary of a Running Chick: February 12th, 2018

The fun thing about a running stride is that it has two connotations. The first is your literal stride when you run. Some people have a shorter stride, while others is longer, but you can create your ideal stride. The second connotation is your groove. It’s the groove you get into when you’ve consistently been running for over a month! You can create both and one has a lot to do with the other. Create your running stride for optimal run success.

The first step to creating your running stride is to push yourself with your pace. Most people run too slow for comfort. I never thought about how running too slow was uncomfortable until I had to take a break from running and then start back up again. It’s funny, even a few months off from running can basically reset your stamina. It takes so much longer to work yourself back up than it does to get out of shape. This means you have to push your pace a bit faster than you currently are running.

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Acknowledging that you can run a faster pace will revolutionize your running. What this really means is that you’ve learned to comfortably lengthen your stride. I always thought that I couldn’t have a longer stride, because I have short legs. This is so wrong and I only thought that because I was comparing myself to taller runners. We can’t compare ourselves to other runners. Each one of us is unique in style and motivation. I’m running for me and the gratification it gives me. Once I let go of that comparison, I learned how to strengthen and lengthen my stride!


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Once your stride is lengthened, it becomes easier to sustain running and find your groove. Having a short stride is tough and I didn’t realize that I was making running harder than it had to be. It hindered my running success. By creating my ideal running stride, I was able to work toward my second stride. The groove of running.

The easier it is for me to run, the more I go do it. This is how I created a groove and streamlined the creation of my complete running stride. Embracing a longer running stride made running more enjoyable for me. I no longer feel the struggle to continue to run and once I made this change, I immediately began to really enjoy running. Once I found the enjoyable part of running, I wanted to have that feeling every morning. I craved it!

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The secret is that the more I run, the more I want to run. I tapped into that feeling and I am always able to use it to get my body going. Since I first committed to outdoor running 7 years ago, I’ve tapped into this feeling and honed it. It definitely took me a bit and I did/do have periods of hurdles that try to sidestep me from running. But I’ve always been able to stick to my milestones, feel the groove, and run daily.

I achieve this daily milestone by making sure my stride is always in sync! After you create your running stride, you’ll be able to always tap back into it. The closer you maintain your stride, the easier it will be to tap into it. I love this and always remind myself of this. I find a way to run in every area I visit, whether it’s a hotel gym, outside, or embracing a walk! Create your running stride and embrace it.


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