Could Friends Reunion BE Any Funnier?

The long awaited Friends reunion is here and seriously could it BE any funnier? That’s right, the almost 2 hour finale dropped on HBO Max and it definitely satisfies all of us Friends fans. The friends are back together and getting all nostalgic for the good old days at Central Perk.


Friends is my favorite sitcom. When I heard about a Friends reunion I could not wait to see them back together again! They truly brought back the nostalgia for the show and let’s face it could the Friends reunion BE any funnier? It was the perfect throwback to an amazing show!

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Friends is one of those shows that is absolutely perfect. The actors nailed the characters and you really could tell that they became such great friends. The writing, the experiences, the guest stars, truly everything about Friends is just perfect. It’s been a long time coming for this reunion and I really like the retrospective they took with it.

My favorite part of the reunion was seeing the actors step back into their roles by reading some of the best scenes from the show! Each character, effortless stepped right back into their characters. It was so much fun seeing the scenes intermixed with the actors currently reading them. I absolutely loved that!

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There is great behind the scene footage and the guest stars are fun. Though I do wish they brought Paul Rudd back! I understand with time and the pandemic, but I just feel like he was such a huge part of Phoebe’s story that it would have been great to see him.

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I’ve seen some criticisms of the Friends reunion and honestly I never know what these people expect. The reunion is for ultimate fans of the show, Friends touched so many peoples lives, every day someone new discovers friends, and thanks to streaming you can binge the whole series right now. It was so fabulous seeing the 6 of them get back together, share their memories, and share things about the show that we never knew!


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