Creating Compassion in Your Fitness Journey

Your fitness journey is a lifelong one. If you can embrace that and accept that, then you’ll definitely have a successful one! It’s extremely important to create compassion in your fitness journey.


It’s so easy to be too hard on yourself, so make sure you are in tune with what is going on with your body during your fitness journey. Pushing yourself might not always be the best medicine. Where I’m at right now in my own journey definitely requires me to embrace compassion. Having a new baby and letting my body heal right now is what is best for me. Make sure you always do what’s best for you too! I definitely want to get back to doing circuits and running, but I need to take my time!

Having said that, you need to recognize when pushing yourself is what is essential to your fitness journey. Doing so with compassion will help transcend your workouts. In the past I’ve upped my mileage on my runs, changed my normal running routes, and quickened my pace. I did so with compassion, pushing myself but never going to hard, which worked great. This will help you to get out of those plateau periods when you’re not seeing any results. It’s imperative to not go balls to the wall, and that’s where the compassion comes in. Understand that your body will feel those changes. You’ll need to recoup and back off the next day. This is by no means taking a step back, but understanding your body and safely going to the next level.

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I also love adding in new workouts. I did this a lot over the past year and it can be done incrementally. I’d always been a yoyo strength trainer. It was the one thing that if I didn’t have time to do, I would skip. If I didn’t feel up to it, I would skip. I was constantly seeking toned arms, but I was always starting and restarting my strength work. It was when I finally decided that I would strength train three days a week that I found consistency and saw results. I also started adding in push ups and dips, which I’ve discussed on BuzzChomp before. I’ve truly seen the difference in my arms, which is great!


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Creating compassion in your fitness journey will truly help you reach your goals. It will also help you maintain that journey for the long haul. I’ve said it before, your fitness regime is all about you. Being in tune with yourself and enjoying what you’re doing will help you stay committed! It will also help you maintain your fitness routine for life.

Remember that this journey is all about you. Getting a good workout in will make you feel better. It’s a great way to just let go of whatever is going on with your life and take some “you” time. Just by doing that, you’re creating compassion in your fitness journey. Remember to check in with your physical body, because you don’t ever want to overwork yourself. It can totally set you back on your fitness journey, not to mention that it will diminish your compassion!


Creating compassion in your fitness journey brings in so much positivity to your life. You’ll always be embracing all the joy that your fitness journey brings you!


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