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Coffee At Home: Two Amazing Brewers Reinvent Your Lifestyle

Improving your lifestyle is easy. Coffee at home lowers your sugar intake, saves money, and is a lot of fun with these two amazing brewers. Time to up your kitchen game!


Coffee houses are a pain. Unless you have the time to sit and enjoy your java, its likely that expensive cup of joe comes with a headache and tons of added sugar. Do you want to lose weight? How about save money and lower your stress level? Your lifestyle and your kitchen deserve an upgrade. Coffee at home is delicious and easy with this combo coffee maker and hot water system by Cuisinart. Or get a little fancy with this espresso machine, also by Cuisinart.

We can’t help but recommend these two Cuisinart products, mainly because they come with an excellent product warranty. If something breaks in the first three years, they will send you a brand new machine. No hassle and no questions asked. Plus, both make an incredible coffee drink that’s consistently delicious and fresh.

12 Cup Coffee Maker and Hot Water System

The benefits of brewing at home don’t end in the kitchen. Eating too much sugar is a major reason so many people are overweight. Sugar makes you bloated and hold onto excess weight. Cutting sugar has the opposite effect, helping you drop pounds and feel more energized. The things we drink are often what contribute to excess sugar in our diets, and coffee drinks are a major culprit. Start having coffee at home and you control how much, if any, sugar gets into your morning brew. The amount in a latte is astronomical and so many places add a ton to their regular coffee as well. Let that go! Brew at home and take control of your coffee.

Espresso Machine

Brewing at home is also an easy way to save money and time on a daily basis. While it may sound fun to hit up the coffee shop on your way into work, its much faster to fill up your coffee pot or espresso machine the night before, then simply turn it on in the morning. The coffee can brew while you shower, or the espresso drip while you brush your teeth. A small investment in a machine saves you five bucks a day over time. That’s $150 a month or $1800 a year. Math can be fun.

One final benefit to coffee at home is some much needed positive energy. Coffee shops are full of impatient people in a hurry every morning. If you didn’t enter feeling that way, such negativity is contagious. Let it go! Filling your kitchen with the delicious aromas of coffee or espresso is sure to put a smile on your face. A smile that will carry you through the day, every day!

Don’t wait to improve and reinvent your lifestyle. Grab a combo coffee maker and hot water system or an espresso machine today. With Amazon Prime you’ll have it by tomorrow. No looking back. We love these two products and know you will too!


Share with us your questions, comments, and success stories. We are all in this game together and need one another’s support to succeed!


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