Coffee Alternatives: No Buzz No Problem

I love Coffee! Prior to getting pregnant I could drink coffee at all hours and normally drank three cups every morning. But being pregnant meant a change to coffee alternatives. No caffeine, no problem.


Sometimes we need coffee alternatives and being pregnant is definitely one of those times. My doctor did tell me that I could drink a cup of coffee a day, but I decided it was easier to go cold turkey and have no caffeine during my pregnancy. No more coffee. I will say that I didn’t think it would be as hard as it was during my detox from coffee. I got massive headaches and I was super lethargic for a few days. But I’m glad that I let coffee go. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to have it back in my life once this baby comes! But coffee alternatives saved me and my fix.

The first thing I realized was that I completely enjoy the act of drinking a warm beverage in the morning. People suggested that I switch to decaf coffee, but I felt like that would be annoying. My man still drinks a half a pot of coffee, so I would have to either make myself a new half pot of decaf, or drink instant. I didn’t want to do that! But decaf coffee is the most basic of coffee alternatives, and it’s always an option. Personally, I chose decaf tea as my warm beverage of choice.

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I truly enjoy drinking tea. I love a good cup and embraced it at breakfast, diving into the wonderful world of decaf tea. There are so many varieties! One of my favorite kinds of tea is green tea, and for the first few months of my pregnancy I faithfully drank decaf green tea. I would put a fresh lemon slice in it and it was perfect. Then I started branching out.

I discovered a great brand of herbal tea, Teecino, that’s very similar to coffee. My favorite is their hazelnut chicory herbal tea. I just love it! It’s super flavorful and it definitely filled my coffee void. I don’t sweeten my tea or coffee, but adding sugar or almond milk to it is perfect!

Earlier this year I got a bad cold. I was very congested and being pregnant made it harder to shake. I’d read a lot about turmeric and ginger tea, so I thought I’d try it. There is a lot out there about its health benefits, and originally I was going to make myself some. I went to Trader Joe’s for ingredients and perused their tea in the process. Low and behold, what do they have? That’s right, turmeric and ginger tea. I bought a box and could not stop drinking it. Its delicious! I put some fresh lemon in my cup and instantly found my new favorite tea! It’s the perfect coffee alternative in the morning.


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One thing I’ve missed about not drinking coffee are lattes. How does one supplement them? On New Years Eve I went out to dinner with my man to Cafe Gratitude. It’s a vegan restaurant here in Los Angeles and they serve turmeric lattes. The latte was so good! I didn’t miss the tea or coffee at all. It was lightly sweetened and seriously perfect. It was made with almond milk and I can totally make my own homemade versions!

If you love coffee like I do, giving it up is definitely a feat! In my case it was totally worth not exposing my baby to caffeine. While I miss it, these coffee alternatives are great, especially if you love having that nice warm beverage in the morning or after dinner.




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