Pregnancy Vlog Week 34: Birthing Class!

It’s our Pregnancy Vlog and we’re on Week 34! All about the birthing class.

I didn’t really know what to expect prior to attending the class. I honestly only knew what I saw on TV and heard about Lamaze class. I knew that this wasn’t going to be like that at all. Let’s face it you can’t always trust TV and Hollywood.


This birthing series was great! I took it at Cedar Sinai here in Los Angeles. It was a two part series which was nice. They offered one, two, and three part series. The one day I definitely think would have been super overwhelming. I found the two part to be perfect! My husband and I were able to digest all the info!

Trust me when I say it was a lot of info! It’s basically all about what you’re going through toward the end of your pregnancy, labor and deliver, and postpartum. It definitely put my mind at ease about a lot of things. It also gave me a realistic view of what labor is like. I’m not necessarily looking forward to the length of labor or say the pain but at least I know a little snip it of what to expect!

My man and I are not going to take any other classes. I feel like this one was great and gave us enough info. At the end of the class we took a tour of the hospital. It was really reassuring to see where we will be. It’s nice too to know where to park and where to check in. Definitely something we won’t have to worry about day of!


Let me know if you took a birthing class and how it helped you!

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