Join Me and Celebrate Your Running Triumphs Often!

The past couple of years I’ve made sure to have a running triumph I can celebrate halfway through the year. Celebrating my success energizes me and keeps me on course for the whole year. So join me and celebrate your running triumphs often!


My Running Diary: June 27th, 2018

Last week I accomplished my “You vs The Year” challenge on Mapmyrun and it’s the third year in a row that I’ve accomplished it. Boom! I’m celebrating this running triumph and I’m psyched how fast I completed the challenge. This year I was challenged to run 1,018 km and I completed it last week. It’s such a high when I finish and I always want to finish it around this time of year. I’m now energized after this running triumph, but I honestly feel this way after every success, big and small. That’s why you need to celebrate too!

This year my “You vs The Year” challenge felt a little harder and so I’m keeping this running triumph close to me. Not only did I push my baby on a majority of my runs, but she also went through all these life changes! She got her first teeth, stopped breastfeeding at night, started walking, and completely turned into a toddler. All of this brought me some sleep woes and early mornings. There were some days that I didn’t want to run, but I did anyway.

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This year has also felt a little bit more trying thus far because I had two bouts of sickness. I can’t remember the last time I got sick and to get sick twice in the first half of the year is abnormal for me. It’s really true when you have children that you don’t get sick days and when you’re sick along with your child, that babe gets all the focus. Both times I was sick I pushed past and ran as much as possible, which helped me feel better. Another small running triumph worth celebrating!

In years past I’ve set my goal to accomplish the “You vs The Year” challenge twice, but I’m not sure that this year I will do that. It’s not one of my focuses for success and that’s okay. If it does happen, great, but if it doesn’t then no biggie. The most important thing to remember with running triumphs is to make sure you make them attainable! For me, even if I have a year where I don’t run a lot, I can accomplish this particular challenge.


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If you’re new to running, then make sure you focus on a goal that you know you will accomplish. I made sure that when I started seriously running outside that I had triumphs to celebrate along the way. It’s truly the best way to keep yourself running. It also makes running fun. I know a lot of people do this through running races and if that is your thing, then great! Those are amazing to celebrate as running triumphs.

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Even if you didn’t set an accomplishment to reach around the halfway mark of the year, decide now what you have accomplished so far and celebrate it. It might be something simple, like you can now run five miles, or it might be that you’re running a certain number of days each week. No matter what it is, make sure you celebrate a triumph.

The double-edged sword with the summer is that it can get hot and humid running. I know you wait all year for the nice weather, but you can’t let it be a deterrent from running. So find your way to celebrate a running triumph and attack this summer with determination.


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