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What happens when you find yourself saying Instagram deleted me? This is what prompted our interview with Airbrush Renude, because their business felt the pain of deletion. Part of our BuzzChomp social media interview series.


Sloane Knowles is an airbrush, make-up, special effects, tattoo cover-up, and tanning artist who had her Instagram deleted. In this cut throat industry Sloane survives through referrals, but also through her Instagram account. Through Instagram, Sloane showcases her talents on her account airbrush.renude. Then she got deleted without warning.

During a session with a client, she was alerted that her IG account was invalid. She couldn’t figure out why she got deleted. Once she finally got in touch with them, she was told her account was shut down for “pornography and soliciting sex.” Its a business account for airbrush tanning and tattoo cover ups! By no means does her account represent those things and with some perseverance Sloane spoke to someone at Instagram who claimed that her hashtag “send nudes” was the main issue.

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#SendNudes was a joke and a way that Airbush Renude promoted itself on Instagram. Her clients would send Sloane photos of before and after, or just posed shots with the amazing airbrush tan results. She has removed the hashtag and her account was reinstated, but Sloane is still extremely apprehensive because if it happened once, why not again? She could permanently lose her primary means of promoting her business. Subsequently, her account has been deleted and reinstated a second time.

Our interview with Airbush Renude dives into the question of why Instagram deleted me, as well as the work that Sloane does. She’s created her own airbrush formula, her own mobile business, and her tans are completely customized to her client’s bodies. There is nothing sexual about what she does and promoting on Instagram is exactly what everyone else does, but she was singled out.

Check out our full interview and leave comments below. Getting Instagram deleted is no joke. THen follow airbrush.renude on Instagram!

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