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Our Fit Mom Quick Workout is back! It’s our cardio core combo. It’s jumping jacks and v ups!

Jumping Jacks are one of those exercises that we’ve all done since we were children. It’s so simple you can do them anywhere. They are really a great cardio workout. It’s so simple to do these bad boys for one minute. By the end of that minute though you’re going to feel them especially after five reps.


Then you have V ups! If you’re not familiar with V ups then get familiar. You get similar benefits as you do with sit ups but you don’t have to worry about the strain. They’re so simple. You are making a v shape with your arms and legs and crunching that core! A minute of these will crush your core especially after the fifth rep!

This is one of those workouts that you can do anywhere and there is no excuse to not do it. All you need is a matt or carpet and you’re good to know. Use your phone as a timer and you’re good!

Life is busy and hectic but there is no reason you can’t workout! Take some you time away from your kids and try out our Fit Mom quick workout! It’s our cardio core combo!

My Fit Mom Journey Continues!

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1 Comment

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