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The 8 Best Fitness Gear Must-Haves of 2018!

Dan and I love fitness gear, especially products that aid in your fitness success. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, a little help goes a long way. The 8 best fitness must-haves of 2018!


Arm yourself for success when it comes to your fitness journey. If you’re a gadget person and you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level, we totally have you covered! I love fitness gadgets, but I’m extremely particular about my gear because I want to actually use them and love them!

Dan and I know that the key to fitness success is having the best tools. If you’re looking to up your pace in running, then invest in a fitness tracker to motivate you. You also need to take every opportunity to work out. If that means using a mini elliptical at work, so be it.


When it comes to fitness gear, indulge in your passion. Find what tools to use that will aid your fitness success and embrace them. Don’t obsess over the price, because any investment is an investment in yourself. Plus, you will use it every day!

Check back at the beginning of every month for our unique buyer’s guide! It’s time for our 8 Best Fitness Gear Must-Haves of 2018. Get some sweet gear for you and the family!

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The 8 Best Fitness Gear Must-Haves


Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor and Fitness Tracker ($79)
I love fitness tracking and if you love it too, then definitely invest in a workout tracker. The gadgets are getting better and better. This one can accurately help you track your fitness and sync with your iPhone and or smart phone! That is great.


Lumo Run – The Running Coach for Every Runner ($99.48)
Looking to focus on running this year? This run tracker will help you stay on course. Learning how to up your pace and change your pace through your runs is a challenge. If you’re going to run a race this year, pacing is everything and a little help will take you farther.


Apera Performance Duffel Bag ($111.20)
Having a great workout bag is clutch! If you’re going to yoga, the gym, or any other workout class, you want to protect your gear. You also use it everyday and that means you want a quality bag. This is one of those items that I always indulge in.


Koreball, 3 in 1 Exercise Ball ($67.71)
The hardest thing to do when you’re on the road and traveling is workout. I always try to stay at hotels that have a gym, but not all hotels do. The one thing that’s a bit more difficult to do at home or traveling is strength training with weights. This exercise ball lets you bring a kettle ball with you anywhere you go!


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Wifi Scale ($94.97)
I do believe that we all stress too much about weight, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. I have a great scale and it is clutch to have one. I love this one because it’s tech savvy and you can individually save your data. This is perfect for the fitness obsessed household.


SANS Juice and Smoothie Preserving Vacuum Sealed Travel Container ($38.08)
If you’re a smoothie obsessed individual, the worst thing that can happen to your juice or smoothie is that it gets warm. This traveler seals your smoothie so it will not warm up. You can make yourself a smoothie pre-work or pre-gym and not have to worry about drinking it asap! I love that.


Cubii Under the Desk Elliptical ($349)
So many people complain about working too much and not having time to exercise. This under the desk elliptical gives you no excuse to not workout. I’m all for working out when you can, and if that means while you’re working, so be it.


Bragi – The Dash Truly Wireless Headphones ($169)
Wireless headphones are amazing and the wave of the future! I love the idea of being liberated from cords. I’ve been looking for a really good pair of wireless headphones and these are it.



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