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Everyone looks for weight loss secrets and on my fit mom journey I’ve embraced mine. Part of our BuzzChomp fitness video series so watch the whole video!


My weight loss secrets are simple and easy to embrace. Do not think about the weight loss. I lost 14 lbs of my baby weight within the first week. After that I did not obsess over the weight loss but instead I focused on my fitness.


Prior to having my baby I ran six days a week. That is where I wanted to get back to and I did. By focusing on my fitness I didn’t get caught up with obsessing over my weight loss. Instead I reached my pre-baby weight effortlessly.

This has always been how I’ve lost weight but I have found myself getting caught up in the scale. I promised myself I wouldn’t do that with my pregnancy and postpartum. I instead embraced getting back to where I was with my fitness pre-baby!

My Fit Mom Journey Continues!

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Embrace my weight loss secrets. It’s an easy way to keep yourself fit throughout all your experiences in life. I find that we’re all guilty of holding on to our story and especially us women our bodies is a big one. No one want to struggle with weight loss all of their life. Cut that story out and focus on your fitness journey!

Embrace my weight loss secrets by implementing them into your way of life.



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