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Awesome Hourglass Micro Sculpting Brow Review is here! Recently, I received Hourglass arch micro sculpting pencil and brow shaping gel complimentary through Influenster. I am absolutely in love with these amazing products.


Hourglass micro brow sculpting review. I received two Hourglass products complimentary through Influenster. The Hourglass arch micro sculpting pencil and brow shaping gel. Ever since I received them I’ve used them every day. Check out our full review here.

First, Hourglass arch micro sculpting pencil is the perfect filler and shaper for your brows. It has made my brows look so good. I have thick eye brows that grow like weeds even though I get them done every month. Using this shaping pencil gives my brows that freshly done look.

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The pencil is extremely easy to use. My main suggestion would be to go light on the pencil at first then fill in as needed. Also, definitely outline your brows because that really gives it that freshly done look. I love that it comes with its own brush because I find after I line and fill in that brushing it helps to really solidify my eye brow look.

Hourglass brow shaping gel is one of those products that I’m not sure how I did without. It tames any stubborn hairs that I have and keeps them all going in the same direction. If you’re reshaping your brows or growing them out sometimes they don’t all want to go to the same way. This gel keeps them in line and really adds to that final look. It completely your fresh brow look.

I’ve received a lot of different products for free. Hourglass Micro Sculpting Brow products are great! It really gives my eye brows that freshly done look regardless of when I got them done. I’m loving using them.

Check out my video for my full review and let me know what your favorite Hourglass product is!


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