Abs and Squats Challenge One of the Hardest 30 Day Challenges!

This Abs and Squats Challenge is one of the hardest 30 day challenges I’ve ever accomplished. Dan and I take on a new fitness challenge every month, and this one pushed our limits. It will challenge you physically and mentally!


30 day challenges are my jam! I love adding them into my fitness routine every month. That being said, this abs and squats challenge was one of the hardest 30 day challenges I’ve accomplished. Let that sink in, because I’ve been doing 30 day challenges every month since the fall of 2015.

When Dan and I first picked this challenge I was super excited, because I loved that it has multiple exercises a day. Then it got really hard. So why is this Abs and Squats challenge one of the hardest 30 day challenges? First, it has no rest days! Sometimes I do a challenge where I’m ready to push myself with no rests. Every single challenge I’ve done with no rest days is hard, so we knew what we were signing up for with this one. We were prepared for this challenge, but that did not help us at all.

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This challenge revolves around sit ups and squats. I have a love/hate relationship with sit ups and it’s because they are hard! That’s the main reason why I don’t normally do them, which is silly. By doing this challenge, I dedicated myself to getting better at sit ups and by “getting better” I mean stronger. I did get so much stronger over the 30 days and was able to do one full set of sit ups every day. But if you need to break them up into sets, then do it!


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Squats are so fabulous and actually one of my favorite exercises. However, you definitely need to be careful with squats. Dan needs to make sure he doesn’t go too deep, because his knees get sore. For me, I know that as long as I engage my core and go in slow, then I get the best benefits from them!

The third exercise each day of this abs and squats challenge is always a variation of crunches. This was excellent because I loved engaging in another abs exercise. The great part about this challenge and what made it intense is that it really worked my whole body. I was extremely sore during this challenge. It tested my physical and mental body! When a challenge tests both, you know its great.

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Even though I’d tout this challenge as one for people who are deep in their fitness journey, if you are new to fitness I can still recommend it. You will simply break up each day into more sets, while still getting all of the benefits. If you’re looking to create a daily fitness habit, this challenge is great! I guarantee that you will crave doing another one and continue on your fitness journey!

30 day challenges are amazing and this abs and squats challenge stands above. When I find a challenge where I’m so sore during it, that means that its working. During this challenge, I had a slight “dread” some days and I knew that this was the challenge for me. It tested my physical ability, which was clearly something that my body was craving! It’s why I loved it so much.


Try out this 30 day challenge and let me know how you like it. If you need a buddy to cheer you on, I am definitely here!



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