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Los Angeles experienced a major heat wave this past week and it reminded me how easy it is for the heat to sidetrack us from running. When I was starting out I definitely avoided running in the heat, but sometimes you have to! Here are my 5 tips for running in the heat to help you adapt and thrive.


My Running Diary: July 10th, 2018

Running in the heat is an extremely rewarding experience as long as you do it properly. Growing up, I always ran in the heat because the summer was when I trained for field hockey. It was never my favorite thing, but I did notice that after I was done and had cooled down that I had this amazing after glow!

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If I ran in the morning, I’d feel like I could conquer the world. If I did it at night, then I always had the best night sleep! Since I was doing it for a sport, I always implemented proper preparation. That’s exactly what my 5 tips for running in the heat are!


1. Run in the early morning or early evening
Personally, I love to run in the morning and that’s always my preference. It’s also a necessity in the heat, but if I can’t get a run in early, then I will do it in the early evening. These are the coolest times of the day and I’m not counting when it’s dark out, because I don’t like night runs. I have run at all different times of the day, but we all thrive when it’s the coolest.

2. Drink a lot of water
This means pre, during, and post run, especially if the only time you can run is when it’s the hottest outside. Water is essential for optimal health, especially when you workout a lot. I find that I’m so thirsty with the heat. A great way to ensure you’re drinking enough water is to have a glass next to your bed so you drink the whole glass right when you wake up. Put a water bottle in the fridge to bring on runs with you, and make sure you drink at least one full glass when you get back from your run.


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3. Listen to your body
I always have to remind myself that I can’t compare myself to yesterday. That day stands on its own, just as today does. If I feel as though I can’t run as far, then I shouldn’t do it, especially if it’s super hot out. Just like the cold, running in the heat will change your run. The same route that you used to find easy might get very hard and listening to your body will alleviate any difficulty you may otherwise have.

4. Walk
If you need to walk, then walk. Remind yourself that it is not a big deal if you need to take a moment for yourself. I would recommend that you do not completely stop, because that can really shock your body. Walk it off. You want to make sure that you’re recouping your breath and stopping abruptly can cut off your oxygen supply.

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5. Dress properly
In the heat I need to run in a tank top because it keeps my body the coolest. I do love running in t-shirts, but for me tanks are the best because I really feel much cooler when my arms are exposed. I also find shorts to be the best, but I know a lot of ladies who prefer to run in a summer legging. The weather really affects my dress and I find that if I’m not comfortable in my dress, then it can make for a difficult run.

Those are my 5 tips for running in the heat! They are simple and easily implemented, so get to it. Running is like all experiences, our environment affects it. Sometimes that environment can try to thwart us from running, but as long as you’re on top of it, you can always adapt. It’s the best running tip I can give, always make sure you adapt! It will help your running and keep you consistent!


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