30 Day Fitness Challenge – Suck that Gut!

I had the pleasure of finishing another 30 day challenge, one of my favorites yet. This fitness challenge was called ‘Suck that Gut’ for it’s never ending attack on my abdominals. By the end I was definitely ready to be done, but damn if I didn’t love the challenge kids.

After finishing a cardio challenge the month prior, I was on the hunt for something completely different! I wanted a mix of exercises, and found ‘Suck that Gut’ on Pinterest. The fitness challenge is four exercises: Sit ups (or crunches), Leg raises, Forearm plank, and Squats. The variety of this challenge was wonderful, and because of that, this was definitely one of my favorites!

This fitness challenge starts off extremely easy: 15 crunches, 5 leg raises, 10 second plank, and 25 squats. Don’t be fooled, it gets tough quick! By the final day you’re doing 125 crunches, 65 leg raises, 120 second plank, and 85 squats. The hardest part of this whole challenge was EVERYTHING. In the beginning I thought the leg raises were hardest, but by the end it was the sequence itself. Doing 65 leg raises straight was so hard because it came after doing 125 crunches. Then you move into the two minute plank and end with your core on fire for all of those squats. My man and I did this challenge together, and he chose to swap the squats and plank in sequence to give his core a short breather. I found I wanted the added intensity, but if you feel overwhelmed, definitely rearrange the exercises and break them into sets.


The Challenge!

One great thing about this challenge is its three days on and one day off. For an abs and squat combo, this is perfect! I always felt strongest the day after a rest. I felt rejuvenated for the challenge and excited to kick its butt. It kept me interested each day, and my core now feels so strong! I’m seeing tons of definition in spots I’d never seen before.

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This challenge is very manageable, but still hard. It’s a great add-on to your daily workout. I’ve done some challenges which are completely a full workout by the end, taking 20-30 minutes to complete. But this one was a solid 10 minutes every day, perfect to do right when you wake up, or when you get back from a run, etc. You won’t ever feel like you don’t have the time to complete it.


Most challenges are a onetime deal, but I will definitely be revisiting this ‘Suck that Gut’ challenge. I’ll do it all again, letting it take me on another 30 day transformation. Each month my love for 30 day challenges grows and grows. Each month I wonder if I’ll find a challenge that breaks me, or turns me off from this journey. But after this challenge, I’ve realized that is not going to happen. Having a fitness challenge in my life keeps me going. It keeps me focused on a goal and that is awesome!

I love this challenge and you will too. 30 days of ‘Suck that Gut’ was well worth it! It’s a great challenge for both seasoned fitness gurus and beginners. Start this bad boy ASAP. It’ll be a great way to keep you focused during the holidays.



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