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Yoga Warrior 365: Ultimate Power Yoga Home Practice

I’ve practiced power yoga with Rudy Mettia for years and his unique and motivating style translates perfectly to your home. Yoga Warrior 365 captures the best of his flow, pushing you past limits that were never truly there!


Not all yoga is created equal, but all yoga is amazing for you. As a former football player, I connected with Power Yoga and Rudy Mettia almost immediately. Having never done yoga before, I thought I wanted a workout. I thought it was intended to be exercise. I quickly learned that yoga is none of those things, but with Rudy and Yoga Warrior 365 you get all of those things. The workout is secondary, but wicked intense and amazing. Years of yoga practice have now shown me how unique this is. Because yoga is a personal practice, I’m able to get benefits from all teachers and all class types. But power yoga and Rudy’s unique style both stand alone in working your mind and body to the max.

One of the biggest challenges facing our home workout is mental toughness. We must overcome the desire to sit on the couch, to go easy because no one is watching. It’s all about personal motivation and drive. But starting your workout is just the beginning, because you need to keep that motivation going from start to finish. Choosing a power yoga home practice with Yoga Warrior 365 will solve this dilemma two-fold. You’ve motivated to begin and Rudy’s style will push you to keep going and be the biggest bad ass possible. His flow will energize you mentally, making the former challenge of a home practice a thing of the past.


Yoga Warrior 365 Home Practice Set (Power Yoga)

DVD Box Set: $89.94 plus Free Shipping for 14 Discs on Amazon

Mastering your breath will take time, but this power yoga practice will clear your mind and give you all the mental benefits that yoga is known for. But you want a great workout too, so this is definitely the perfect practice! Rudy mixes traditional Vinyasa flow with a challenging approach to holding poses and flowing through sequences. I’ll never forget my first five minute plank hold, smack dab in the middle of class and completely unexpected. We went into plank and began holding it. After 30 seconds Rudy let us know we’d be here awhile and to get ‘comfortable.’ He updated us as we got deeper into the plank, but it wasn’t until we crossed the halfway mark that Rudy informed us we’d be here for five minutes. What an accomplishment! It was completely unexpected and almost everyone accomplished it because we never had a chance to question our ability to do so.

I love power yoga and Rudy Mettia’s practice. His presence and style are incredible in person and just as powerful at home. Yoga Warrior 365 manages to put all the best aspects of yoga into an easily accessible practice. Plus, the locales that each class was filmed in are amazing! Rudy teaches in Santa Monica with many other amazing teachers. Two of my favorites are below, including the founder of power yoga himself.

Bryan Kest: Power Yoga Complete Collection
Vytas Baskauskas: Yoga for Strength DVD Set



Share with us your questions, comments, and success stories. We are all in this game together and need one another’s support to succeed!


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