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Pretty Little Liars Season 7 EndGame a fake?

A.D. is playing with the Liars on all fronts! A.D. sent the girls EndGame and they have been consumed with this board game. I don’t think there is going to be any payoff to this game. It’s just a distraction!

This was evident in season 7 episode 16. Hanna’s turn leads her to drop off a hard drive in a locker at the high school. The girls want to try to follow A.D. but she never shows. Hanna’s turn meant nothing it was distracting the girls from Aria destroying the nursery.

The Liars have been off their game with A.D. They’re making amateur mistakes here especially Aria. She was always great at playing the A game and now she’s losing her ear ring and almost getting caught by Ali and Emily.

The girls need to get themselves in gear! They’re playing right into A.D. and this A is lethal! It’s time that they quit playing around and take a look at the big picture!

What do you all think about EndGame? Is it just a distraction or what?

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