A workout that challenges!


The end of the year is the best time to challenge yourself with a workout that challenges! November and December are busy months. There are tons of holiday parties, eating, socializing, and late nights to enjoy. And I’ve found that the first thing we let drop off is eating healthy, followed by working out. No people! Not this year! This year we make the change to not over indulge, keep exercising, and have a workout that challenges.

Need help motivating and keeping up workout consistency during this hectic time of year? Try a thirty-day workout challenge! Not only are they challenging, but they’re a short time commitment daily that yield major results. Last month I did the thirty-day plank challenge and it was so awesome. The plank challenge starts you off slow, easing you in, holding plank for one minute and thirty seconds on the first day. That was invigorating, but then you go to two minutes, two minutes thirty, three minutes, until the 30th day when you’re holding plank for five minutes. OMG. I’d done a five minute plank before in a class setting, but holding it at home was super challenging. It was intense and hard and I loved every minute of it! This workout challenge lasted at most five minutes on the last day, but was a huge payoff for that little bit of time.


Completing the plank challenge was a lot of fun, so I’m on to the next workout challenge kids! Staying motivated is key this time of year and next up is a thirty-day push-up challenge. Whoa. Push-ups are hard for me, but I want to be better at them so bring on the challenge! I want to be one of those women that bang out a bunch of push-ups so here goes nothing. The push-up challenge starts with fifteen and ends on the 30th day with forty. Oh yes kids! I can’t wait to make it to forty. It will be a new record for me, as I’ve never done forty push-ups in a row. I love a good challenge and this workout will keep me motivated throughout November!


If a thirty day challenge doesn’t fit your fancy, set a new workout goal to keep challenging yourself and stay focused during the holidays. If you run a lot, then add in a new, longer, route. Start sprinting, running intervals, or a personal favorite of mine, add in stairs. If you prefer weight lifting then add in circuits and a cardio element to traditional weight routines. This one’s for everyone; how about adding in jump rope! And make jumping rope exciting with an interval timer. Just twenty minutes and you’ll be drenched at the end! There are a myriad of ways for your workout to challenge you. Just remember to stay focused, sweat, and get your heart rate up!


Working out is the first thing that people tend to push aside, but it’s extremely hard to get back into it, so hang out tight and never let go! Do anything and everything to keep your workouts challenging this holiday season. Enlist your friends and family by going for walks and hikes together. Go skiing or go for a long walk in the snow. No matter where you live or who you’re with, a challenging and fun workout is there!

A workout that challenges will help you stay on track during the holidays, the best time to let yourself shine! Others will be letting their workouts slip, but you’ll be thriving! Thriving at the end of the year makes for an amazing beginning of the New Year. So keep challenging yourself kids! Find a new and fun challenge to add to your workout each week.


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