Winds of Winter: Game of Thrones Future Consequences

Game of Thrones Season 6 finale the Wind of Winter reaction! It’s all about future consequences.

All we have to say is OMG and if you have not watched the season 6 finale yet beware our video blog is full of spoils!

Cersei Lannister made her HUGE move and I did not see this completely unfolding the way it did. In one full swoop she took out the High Sparrow, all the little sparrows, and the Tyrells! WOW! Well played Queen Cersei! She now has so many enemies she should be worried.

This season finale changed THE GAME kids! It changed it! Houses were completely wiped out, many died, and Arya Stark is BAD ASS!

Comment on my video to let me know what you think the future consequences are!

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