Why I Dumped my Favorite Running Shoes


I loved my Adidas running shoes. I loved them since I first started running in high school. I’d wear them running outdoors, on the track, at the gym, and then when they got old, I’d go hiking in them. Adidas was my shoe, and I was a diehard fan of Adidas Clima Cool sneakers for the last four years. They always made running fun, up until this summer when everything changed. I had to say goodbye to my old favorites. I dumped my Adidas running shoes and started a new love affair with Under Armor Micro G. Why did I break up with my sneakers? I’ll tell you!

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Running can be hard on your body, especially with the wrong shoes. Finding your perfect pair, ideal for where you love to run, is super important. It’s why I first fell in love with Adidas and Clima Cool. But Adidas kept revamping their sneakers, tweaking and adjusting year after year. They made them thinner, lighter, and finally sleeker. At first I thought, SCORE! This is amazing; my shoes are so light and my feet feel free. But once they got sleeker, my poor feet were bursting to get out of those sneakers. The lining over the widest part of my feet got thinner and thinner, as the shoes got sleeker. My most recent pair of Clima Cool only lasted a month. They did what every pair of these shoes inevitably had done, but they did it so fast. The seams started to split. They split like I’d been running in them every day for a year. At that moment I realized, I needed to break up with my sneakers.


Breaking up is hard, especially after so long. My sneakers were no longer making running fun. I run a minimum of five miles every day, and the more I got into running, the quicker and easier these sneakers began to wear out. Needless to say, my relationship with Adidas is now over.

Call it a rebound, but I’m already with a new pair of shoes. My new relationship with Under Armour is full of those happy, new relationship feelings. I know a lot of people who wear Under Armour to work out, and a few friends who swear by them for running. I love MapMyRun and get coupons all the time, so I looked online to see if the sneakers passed the eye test. They looked cool and now we’re dating.


Under Armour Micro G

After testing them out in the store, a first date of sorts, I took the plunge kids and fell in love. I love the way they fit my feet. I love how the very seams that had been busting were covered with a thicker shell. I went with Under Armour and have been running in these amazing shoes for a month now. I run six days a week and so far these bad boys have held up flawlessly. They are just as comfortable today as they were the first time I put them on. I feel stronger, faster, and I no longer feel like I’m going to wear out my shoes! SCORE!

I’m so glad I got out of my sneaker comfort zone and dumped my old brand. I still love Adidas sneakers, but I’ve outgrown their running shoes. I’m in a new chapter in my life, with a sexy new sneaker. Under Armour and I have started a new love affair, and as long as you don’t wear out on me, I’ll keep you around for a while!


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