“Big men love cake” – What ha… happened?


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This week we ask “What ha… happened?” The internet was scoured for a crazy sports photo or GIF and someone must try to explain it. Seesaw Sports asks what ha… happened? Monday: Opening statement. Friday: Rebuttal.

Real photos. Real results. But what in the heck happened?



I present to you the following:


Sandoval & Cake GIF


Photo: Down goes Pablo (Sandoval)

Title: “Big men love cake”

Description: It’s obvious that Pablo really wanted the triple, but he neglected to avoid the big nothing in the base path. Putting it another way, the only obvious reason for his tumble is the birthday cake which thankfully added to Sandoval’s shame. So I leave it you, what happened? What REALLY happened?



Baseball players are not known as the most graceful and athletic professional athletes around. They are often criticized for being overweight and slow. While NBA players are superb leapers and majestic in the air, and football players are massive powerhouses of adrenaline-filled bursts, a Major League baseball player can be a schlub who swings a quick bat low in the zone.

Pablo Sandoval may be a perfect example of the stereotype. One brief glance at the right fielder/cake threw off his balance, causing his feet to tangle amongst each other.

Of course, someone like Edwin Encarnacion is capable of redeeming the entire collective. Just look at him motor around the bases, with the utmost balance and precision.


Edwin & Parrot GIF


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[Part two – “Eating well stops at the starting gun”]



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1 Comment

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