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A few weeks back I shared my experience with a professional chemical peel . First one ever! In a nutshell, I wasn’t blown away by the results…frankly, I didn’t really notice anything other than some skin flaking. This experience got me thinking about the at-home peel options I’d tried. Below are three brands that I’ve tried and that WORK. What do I mean by a peel that works?

Works = I saw immediate results – good exfoliation, skin felt much smoother after. My skin looked noticeably glowy after which lasts for a day or two depending on the brand. The convenience factor for these peels is great – 2 of the 3 options below come in handy pouches making it easy to throw in a purse or travel bag.

If you’re looking for something a bit stronger than an everyday exfoliator, definitely try one of the at-home peel brands below.

Not only do they help remove dead skin cells (including helping get rid of nasty blackheads!) and smooth the texture of your skin, they also help to reduce the signs of aging. I found that the little lines in between my eyebrows and along my forehead looked less prominent after use.

Keep in mind, you should apply a good serum and moisturizer after the peel – and avoid the sun! Your skin will be more sensitive for a day or two. And if you have to be outside, use a good SPF sunscreen and throw on a hat. Your skin will be more prone to burning.


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta® Peel Original Formula / sold at Sephora, $86 for 30 treatments ($2.87 per treatment) – they also sell a 5 treatment trial pack for $15

  • Two step peel process: first pad = peel, second pad = tone
  • Pros: (1) I like the two step process because it feels like a real good clean. (2) I’ve had less sensitivity and never any skin peeling with Dr. D’s. (3) Paraben free. (4) Two step system comes in conjoined packets – perfect for travel. The box that holds the pads is also handy and easy to store.
  • Cons: Nothing comes to mind!
  • Click here to read more/buy
Dr. Dennis Gross

Dr. Dennis Gross peel system


M-61 Power Glow Peel / sold exclusively at Bluemercury, $62 for 30 treatments ($2.07 per treatment) – they also sell a 10 treatment trial pack for $28

  • One step peel process
  • Pros: (1) Quick, one step treatment. (2) Paraben free. (3) Peel pad comes in travel-ready packet. Box has perforated edge for easy grab and go.
  • Cons: Nothing I can think of!
  • Click here to read more/buy

M-61 Power Glow Peel system


ReVive Glycolic Renewal Peel Professional System / sold at a few different department stores including Saks and Barneys, as well as at Bluemercury boutiques. I got my sample from Bluemercury, $295 for 30 treatments ($9.83 per treatment)

  • Two step peel process: step 1 pad = peel, step 2 wash = renewal gel
  • Pros: (1) I found that the results lasted a couple days longer. The woman at Bluemercury said she uses ReVive on Sundays and the m-61 peel pads a few times during the week. Given the cost, I feel like 1x per week is a good idea. (2) This is a two step system; first step is the pad and the second is a glycolic wash. I got a couple of sample packets which was lovely on the wallet. From what I’ve read the wash lasts long after the pads are gone. (3) It’s paraben free (not always the case with ReVive products).
  • For the record, this is certainly a stronger glycolic peel, so it’s more likely to cause sensitivity. But because it’s stronger, I think it works quite well.
  • Cons: (1) Cost, clearly. However the lady at BlueMercury stressed that its approximately $10 per treatment and you can use it less frequently than others because of the strength. Could be worth the investment for some! (2) Unlike the other brands, these pads come in a screw top container – in other words, not individually packaged…bummer.
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ReVive Glycolic Renewal Peel System

Have you tried any of these at home peel treatments? Or is there another brand you prefer? PLEASE SHARE!

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