Finding portion control, even on vacation!

On a recent trip to NYC I had to make a stop at one of my favorite eateries, Serendipity 3 of course! I really go there for one reason and one reason only. Can you guess? Yep, that’s right, for the Frozen Hot Chocolate! It’s magical, deliciously unique and always satisfies my dessert craving. And while enjoying this treat on my most recent visit, I was reminded of an obvious problem that we have in this country: portion control.
In the past I’ve discussed how to portion control and offered great ways to curb your food intake. BUT whenever I’m on “vacation” I notice a trend towards being more and more gluttonous. Vacation is of course meant for indulging, but there is a line between enjoying yourself and gorging. So what are we going to do about it people? During my recent excursion all I wanted was to indulge in that delish frozen hot chocolate. So that’s all I did! In the past I would first enjoy Serendipity’s lunch or dinner and then dive head first into that dessert, but this time I decided it was just dessert. No stuffing my face with appetizers, a meal, and then housing that yummy frozen treat. I indulged without over doing it, using portion control.

My dessert only choice was of course not the trend of those around us at the restaurant. So many individuals housed down on nachos, potato skins, followed by a burger, fries, and then washed it all down with dessert. Too much food people! Is it any wonder why so many are so over weight? Portion sizes at restaurants are in general ridiculous. They’re unnecessarily huge, but that doesn’t mean we should be cleaning our plates. This is a growing problem in our country, pun intended. Be aware people! Aware that eating a three-course lunch is really never acceptable. Let’s face it, even after a huge lunch most people are still going to eat dinner and the more you eat the more your stomach can hold. It will adjust to you, so stop pretending it’s acceptable to gorge and gorge. Exercise portion control.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to indulge when you’re on vacation or on the weekends, but we all need to stop ourselves from going over board! We’re definitely eating way more food than we have ever eaten in the past and way more than we need. Food is readily available and we seem to disregard what’s healthy and what our bodies actually need. We think a meal is not complete without bread, some sort of carbs, and even dessert. This is just not true people! Not true at all.

Remember, dessert is a luxury item, not something we need to have daily! That’s why I so looked forward to having my frozen hot chocolate. It’s not something I have daily, weekly, or even monthly. I can’t even remember the last time I went somewhere just for dessert and that made it extra special. It reminded me that this was a treat not to be eaten regularly. But it also made the frozen mix of hot chocolate and homemade whipped cream taste that much better.

We only have this one body and we are what we eat! If we indulge daily, not only do we gain weight, but all those special treats loose their luster and ultimately take a toll on our bodies. Be mindful of those portions people! Make sure not to live your life eating like you’re on vacation. We control our bodies and it’s starts with controlling our portions and what we eat. Be mindful! Stay healthy and be happy!

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