What Are The Best College Majors For Bloggers?

So you are in your freshman year and you are considering blogging as a career? It’s possible today. I know I’ve been blogging for awhile.    I often wonder. . . knowing what I know now. . . what majors would be the most beneficial to boost my blogging career?

Here’s a list that I came up with:

Learning to think critically and doing research is so important. Writing and creating content is key for a blogger and a journalism degree would be completely beneficial. (An English major may be substituted here.)

Computer Science
Being able to code your own site and fix coding issues on your own is crucial. As your blog continues to grow you will need to supervise a staff of IT engineers. Say yes to a computer science degree – geeks are in, right? Uh please.

Blogging is a business and your blog needs to be marketed effectively. New social networks, and advertising are crucial for your blog to take off. Marketing majors rejoice – you can use your skills to make your friends popular online.

Which ones do I have?  Well, uh, I do have a general business degree with one semester of marketing.  I’d like to think I’m the blogger from the school of life.  So if all else fails blogging from the school of hard knocks will also take you far.

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