Web Series Review: A Job, A Wife, A Life Charms with Satire

Real life is funnier than fiction, made evident in Brett Golov’s new comedy web series “A job, a wife, a life.” A charming blend of love and sarcasm make this show all too relatable and awkwardly funny. Web Series review on BuzzChomp.


‘A job, a wife, a life’ begins with a simple and fun cartoon introduction that sets an excellent tone for each episode. Quirky music playfully ends in Blake’s bedroom, just as the show begins. His quintessential home life is epitomized by the dog. Of course the dog is sleeping in the bed with Blake and his wife!

WATCH Episode 1 for all the Dog Drama

What more could anyone ask for out of life than a job and a wife? Blake has both, but neither lives up to expectations. His wife presents the classic married conundrums, shoving the dog in Blake’s face for a kiss, rather than getting hot and heavy with him herself. Nothing says good morning and I love you like some dog tongue in your mouth.


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If Blake’s home life is a little rocky, then his work life is in the crapper. Literally. Blake finds his office under construction in episode one, and is placed in the bathroom until further notice. But its his boss which truly makes every moment at work hilarious. The ‘Office Space’ references are littered throughout Blake’s time on the job. “Churn em and burn em, baby.”

The show goes on to explore other classic marital topics like money and health. Each time Blake is forced to succumb to stronger forces in his life. Will he ever grow a backbone and stand up to his boss? Will Blake turn the tables on his wife and get her to do things for him? Hopefully not! His pain is our gain. Add in a wonderful balance between Blake’s self-centered best friend, who just happens to be rich, and his self-centered boss, and you’re left with a charming comedy that always hits close to home.


The dreaded life of a married man is real, and really quite funny. A job, a wife, a life places a rudimentary life into beautiful surroundings, hitting all the sarcastic and satirical buttons along the way. “Where are all the knives!” Check it out!



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